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Communicate with Your Audience Anywhere in Any Language

Our world has become smaller and as more people connect globally in a multitude of languages interpretation services have become an essential need. Whether you are an individual needing support or a business looking for professional interpreters, we are here to help.

Why Choose Us

You will have access to professional and/or certified/accredited interpreters in 50+ languages. You can rest assured that you will receive effective, accurate, high-quality, and competitively priced interpretation services. Whether you need us in-person, over the phone, or via video, we are as flexible and innovative as you are.

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What We Do

Get interpretation services in the medium of your choice. All our services are offered in-person or remotely (via phone or video).

  • Simultaneous interpretation – interpreting in real time as the speaker is speaking
  • Consecutive interpretation – interpreting after the speaker has spoken a few sentences and paused to allow for interpretation to the target language
  • Sight translation – interpreting written content verbally

Where You Will Find Us
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Investigations
  • Medical and psychiatric assessments
  • Treatments
  • Examinations for discovery
  • Tribunals and labour arbitration sessions
  • Motor vehicle and professional certification exams
  • Training sessions and lectures
  • Public consultations/high level business meetings for private entities and/or foreign and domestic government officials
  • And more!

50+ Languages

Don’t limit your project’s reach – select from our extensive list of languages.*

Albanian Catalan Hungarian Polish Swatawese
Amharic Chui chow Indonesian Portuguese Tagalog
Arabic Creole Italian Punjabi Tamil
Assyrian Croatian Japanese Romanian Tigrigna
Azari Czech Korean Russian Toi san
Bengali Dari Kurdish Serbian Turkish
Bicol Dinka Lithuanian Shanghainese Ukrainian
Bosnian French Macedonian  Sinhala Urdu
Bulgarian German Mandarin Slovak  Vietnamese
Burmese Greek Nepali Somali
Cantonese Gujarati Pashtu Spanish
Cambodian Hindi Persian  Swahili

*Subject to change

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