When you need your documents professionally translated, we offer the following services at competitive rates:

  • Linguistically and culturally appropriate translations
  • Document rendering in over 60 languages and 40 alphabets
  • Multilanguage typesetting
  • Formatting in popular Windows/Mac desktop-publishing applications
  • Regular, rush and 24-hour services

We can translate any document from:

English —> target language
Source language —> English

Click here for a list of available languages.

We offer translations of a wide range of documents, including technical reports, product literature, promotional pieces, proposals, manuals, marketing materials, advertisement, contracts, presentations, internal corporate information, tender agreements, websites, etc.
We offer translations of legal documents done by experienced, professional translators in the fields of but not limited to immigration, family, criminal, corporate, patents, personal injury, conveyancing, and estate law.


Working with You

Translation is a collaborative process; your input is required throughout to ensure a quality product that meets your expectations:

  • Tell us the purpose of the translation, origin of the source text, etc.
  • Provide us with key contacts to help clear up questions/discrepancies quickly.
  • Schedule ample time for translation, formatting and other services; the benchmark for translation is 1,500 English words per day. Rush jobs mean higher costs; planning ahead keeps costs down.
  • Have the first draft of the translation proofread before the final copy is produced. Good translation combines the talents of a translator and a proofreader.
  • Let us know if you want the final document returned in standard text or with special formatting.
  • Give us feedback to help improve future collaborations.

Click here for more details and our step-by-step process.